Printing Comany

Our mission

Etiket family's mission is to produce a product with a standard and quality appropriate to an Iranian and healthy, fair competition with its competitors in the printing industry and continuous communication with all our customers, and we strive to create more jobs in the development and promotion of of Iranian industry.


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Construction processes


Label design for goods creates an image and identity, and can also be a powerful tool for marketing and selling goods.

2-Ink unit

The result of the color management process is a software file that we know as Color Profile or color ID with extension (icc).

3–Flexo printing

Flexible printing pages and stereotypes are used in Flexo printing. Printed pages are laser engraved and rotated around a rotating roller with the help of a negative image.

4-After printing

Hot Foil Stamping or Cold Foil Stamping

Die cutting



The packaging of the products is based on Shirink, in addition to protecting the products of customers, to prevent the products from being in contact with air and environmental factors.


Food labels

لیبل های مواد غذایی

Health and beauty labels

لیبل های آرایشی و بهداشتی

Pharmaceutical labels

لیبل های دارویی

Industrial and chemical labels

لیبل های صنعتی و شیمیایی

About us

Etminan toseeh Atieh Yekta Company (Etiket) entered the field of printing and packaging industry in 2020. The company was operated for the first time using the most modern equipment and technology in the world, such as 12-color flexo printing machine, along with other peripheral machines, relying on international standards. The products of this company are currently printing all kinds of paper labels and films. Etiket Company's vision is to enter the top 10 companies in the field of printing and packaging in the Middle East by 2026.


    • Tehran, 17 km of Fath Highway (Old Karaj Road), No. 58 Shirin St., No. 2 (Old 599)